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Neurofeedback Bundles


We are confident that once you experience the deep relaxation and rejuvenation of one of our wellness products, you are going to what to return for more. We've made that simple by making it possible to buy sessions in bulk, so you can return anytime, as often as you want.


“How many sessions do I need?”


The number of sessions needed to gain and maintain wellness is individual to each person and their wellness goals. If you are looking for a fast and focused resolution for an issue such as test anxiety, lack of focus, preparation for upcoming event, then ten sessions of Neurofeedback can easily fit your needs.


If you are looking for an initial intensive transformation with continuing maintenance and sharpening, then the twenty session bundle will fit your needs perfectly.

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Night and Day Therapy Bundles


Elevated Wellness Centers provide Red Light therapy as an option for our clients to enhance the biological function of the brain. Red light therapy is perfect for healing from concussions and other Brain injuries and disease or for preventing mental decline and future mental damage.


Studies have shown that regular application of Red Light provide you greater clarity of mind, increased thinking speed, and im proved memory.


We also provide Meditation and Hypnotherapy reco rdings for use during red light sessions. They are also included with use of our Sensory deprivation chairs for those who are looking for the perfect space to enhance their meditation and mindful experience, or to increase the clarity that stillness of mind provides.

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At Elevated Wellness Centers we are dedicated to providing you with the tools necessary to attain deep relaxation and the mental wellness you are searching for. We guarantee you will feel respected, heard, and valued at each and every session.


We look forward to aiding you on your Wellness Journey!


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