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Why Do We Provide Red Light Therapy?


Red and Near Infrared light therapy have been proven to be a non-invasive, non-carcinogenic, and non-traumatic method of assisting with wound healing, neural regrowth, brain optimization, and skin care.

Because we are dedicated providing you with the most effective tools to help you navigate your path to complete wellness, we include Red Light therapy options at every Elevated Wellness center.

Red Light therapy is a perfect fit for your path to personal well-being.

Our clients who use Red Light therapy are More Refreshed, think with Greater Clarity, and thereby gain and maintain their Very Best Brain, Body, and Mind.


"...Red Light therapy is amazing; I leave Elevated Mental Wellness feeling like a new person!"

Heather H.


Healing From the Sun


You know how good it feels to stand in the sun and just soak in the warmth? Incredible, right? The sun feels so good because it emanates all types of light (which are really just waves of energy our eyes can see) which can interact with our cells, and direct certain responses from our bodies. Over the last few decades, scientists have discovered that some of the most beneficial wavelengths of lights are in the Red and Near Infra-red spectrum.


Red Light Therapy can help you with:

Fat loss

Managing Insulin Resistance

Wound Healing

Brain trauma recovery

Managing Anxiety,

Lowering Stress,

Decreasing Depression,

Increasing Strength, Endurance and Muscle mass.

It does so by helping your cells release a molecule that inhibits energy production, allowing your cells to produce more energy, and by increasing blood flow to damaged areas of the body, expediting the healing process.

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At the same time, the molecule that causes issues in the cell, helps blood flow increase, giving your cells the nutrients they need the very most to complete their functions, especially for the cells that take part in healing. The increase of blood flow also brings more collagen to the skin, which can help remove wrinkles.

In short, by helping release one molecule from the cell, Red and Near-Infrared Light therapy ignite numerous processes our bodies need to have running to perform at their very healthiest.


What is a Session of Red Light Therapy?


Every client who comes to an Elevated Wellness center for Red light therapy is greeted warmly, and directed to a private area where they may disrobe to their comfort. A stool is provided for comfort and minimal amounts of disruption in skin exposure. The client positions themselves in front of the red light, allowing the light to shine on which ever part of their body they wish to have the most direct impact on, and when ready a technician turns on the light and timer from outside the room.

During the session, the client will feel waves of warmth emanating from the light, and will begin to feel energized. When the light first turns on, it often takes a moment for one's eyes to adjust. Some clients choose to keep their eyes closed throughout the session, though there are no harmful effects caused from looking directly at the light. (In fact, a few studies have shown benefits to those who do!)

When the session is over, the Lights will automatically turn off, and the technician will be waiting outside to answer any questions, direct the client back to the front, schedule their next appointment, and then prep the space for the next client.


How Can Red Light Therapy Help with Fat Loss?


We are incredibly excited to provide Red Light Therapy as a mechanism to assist your journey to weight loss! It has been proven by numerous studies that when paired with exercise, Red Light therapy can lead to 4-5 times greater reduction in fat levels than exercise alone can.

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Red Light therapy reduces fat so effectively because fat cells react to the absorption of red light photons. This initiates the process by which fat cells release stored fat, and increases the blood flow to fatty areas, thereby moving released fat to muscles cells ready to burn it in exercise.

This means that - when paired with exercise - Red Light Therapy is one of the few resources that can actually target specific parts of the body that store more fat, and encourage the release and further burning of fat from those areas.

Ready to try? 


The Science - Why Red Light Therapy Works


The benefits of Red Light therapy come from a chain reaction of events. The chain begins in the mitochondria, where energy is made in the cell. Within the mitochondria is an enzyme called Cytochrome C Oxidase (Cyt C). Cyt C interacts with oxygen atoms, bonding them to hydrogen ions to make water, and providing other hydrogen ions for later use in cellular energy (ATP) production. Enzymes generally work by bonding to two (or more) other molecules, and moving those molecules closer together until it is more chemically favorable for the molecules to bond to eachother instead of the enzyme. 

Enzymes can be inhibited when molecules attach to a bonding site intended for another molecule. In our case, Nitric Oxide (NO) can bond to the bonding site of Oxygen, and stop the movement of Hydrogen ions. In doing so, the amount of energy produced by the cell is decreased, limiting all other functions of the cell. While the exact cause is still being researched, it has been found that red and near infra-red lights can dissociate NO, freeing Cyt C to perfom it's proper function and  increasing ATP procuction to more optimal rates. 

Nearly every function that takes place in a cell involves the use of ATP. Neurons firing, Eyes dilating, Muscles moving, wound healing, hair growth, collagen synthesis in skin, etc. By increasing the amount of ATP produced your body's, you improve the functioning of all other systems in your body. 

Though in the cell NO is not very usful, after red and near infra-red light dissociates NO, it enters the blood stream and begins to function as a signaling molecule. NO directs the blood vessels to dilate, allowing for more blood flow, causing a similar chain reaction to it's removal from Cyt C. Dilated Blood vessels make it easier for your cells to eliminate waste, absorb nutrients, and send their own products to other parts of the body.

The benefits of increased blood flow are especially important to note when considering Red Light for weight management. By increasing blood flow, more molecules released by fat cells into the blood stream can be used by the body. These molecules are stored as triglycerides, but muscle cells can't process triglycerides until they are released as Glycerol and Free Fatty Acids (FFA) which generally occurs during exercise. Research has suggested that because of this, R and NIR light - which dilates blood flow - can target specific areas of the body and cause the Glycerol and FFA's from that region to be transported to muscle cells. The muscles can then use the released molecules for energy production and growth. This suggests that in addition to simply increasing fat use in post workout metabolism, targeted exposure to R and NIR has the potential to decrease fat in stubborn areas. 


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